With the rise of the Internet, we have heard many new terms like “work from home”, “digital nomad” & “freelancing”. These terms are hot words of this decade. There are many people in the world who rely solely on the freelancing income. But, the number is not so big to call it a paradigm shift in the global work culture.


There are many companies working on a truly decentralized work culture. But, the one I admire is Automattic. They had only one workplace in San Fransisco that they closed two years back. That’s the story of a company with 600+ employees in 50 countries & zero offices!


The Smartest People In The World Will Work Remotely

All the digital nomads & freelancers would agree with me when I say that they are smart enough to take the risks that come with the lack of job security* in order to gain the rewards like higher income, flexible work schedules etc.

*”There is no such thing as job security.” – Divyadeep Sawhney

The trend tells us that people are turning more towards these career choices as these help them in both professional & personal growth.


Working Hollywood-Style

I read a wonderful post by Joseph Jude sharing his thoughts about future of jobs & I couldn’t agree more with him.


Here’s a video explaining Hollywood-style work culture in detail.

If can have decentralized currencies like Bitcoin, we can surely have decentralized work culture.

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